CHORUS is a technological Cluster operating in the fields of Clean Energy, Clean Tech and Circular Economy. It brings together companies and research entities located mainly in the geographical area of Northern Greece. Aims to establish an arsenal of renewable and zero / low carbon footprint technologies, transformable into innovative, integrated products and solutions for the global markets.

CHORUS is the ideal working place for

  • companies in the broader clean tech and circular economy areas (energy operators, heavy energy consumers, industrial materials and raw materials producers, components and equipment manufacturers, recycling units, service providers, etc),
  • agents of the Research, Technology and Innovation Network and
  • public administration bodies, business networks and non-governmental organisations with interests in the clean tech and circular economy fields.

 CHORUS is a non-profit legal entity and all prospective profits are invested in cluster’s projects and activities for the benefit of its members. 

Focus Areas

Renewable Energy | Clean Processes | Energy efficiency | Resource Efficiency | Green Transport

Services to its members

Networking | Promotion & Communication | R&D Projects | Education & Training | Research facilities

Services to the markets

CHORUS builds integrated sectoral and cross-sectoral value chains in order to offer a competitive product/service portfolio covering the whole range of activities from the generation of the first idea to the after sales service. 


  • Empowering a collaborative environment in order to create growth, innovation and increased turnovers for the member companies along with job creation and tangible social impacts locally and nationally.
  • Supporting research, development and implementation of innovative clean solutions that address energy and environmental challenges
  • Increasing the international focus on Greek cleantech, especially by promoting export of integrated solutions 


  • Empower opportunities and generate results through targeted R&D projects, extroversion initiatives and entrepreneurial ways that build expertise, generate new business opportunities and create jobs, directly benefiting CHORUS members and the society.
  • Develop, test and implement new clean tech solutions in strong partnerships supported by a dynamic ecosystem of unique testing facilities, exceptional research expertise and a well-established knowledge sharing culture.
  • Exploit the available natural resources, the existing industrial specialization, as well as the human, technical and scientific resources in the region.
  • Foster innovation in the products and services of its members.
  • Provide a favorable framework for the Internationalisation of CHORUS companies.
  • Seize opportunities for small- to medium-sized member companies in existing clean tech focus areas
  • Stimulate and advise State and local authorities on clean tech and circular economy strategies and policy issues


The operational tasks of CHORUS are managed and executed by its five member Board of Directors in accordance with the provisions and directives of the General Assembly.

The Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Dimitrios Konstantinidis (ESTIA)
  • Secretary: Eleni Softa (SPANOS)
  • Member: Ioannis Papadopoulos (ENGAIA)
  • Member: Eleni Papaioannou (APTL/CERTH)
  • Member: Evangelos Kosmidis (DRAXIS)


CHORUS Cluster welcomes 15 newly joined members through their participation in CHORUS plus Project.
Thessaloniki, 25 November 2020
CHORUS plus is the successor Project of CHORUS, with 10 members of CHORUS Cluster participating as full members, and is co-financed by Greece and the European Union.
Thessaloniki, 6 August 2020
CHORUS Cluster members participating in MoBiSol Project have jointly published their preliminary experimental results in the SolarPACES 2019 Conference in Daegu, South Korea.
Daegu, 4 October 2019